2021 December - Patronage of the International Conference

Hurbe consortium gives the patronage to the International Conference TECHNOLOGICAL IMAGINATION IN THE GREEN AND DIGITAL TRANSITION organised by Department Architecture and Design, Sapienza University of Rome and Sapienza Foundation.

The Conference is organized jointly by Sapienza University of Rome, DIAP - Department of Architecture and Design, LAB.ITECH Laboratory of Architecture | Building Innovation and Technology | Environment and Climate Changes | Health, and Fondazione Roma Sapienza.
The Conference call is now open and the Conference will be held in Rome, 30 June - 1 - 2 July 2022.
More information is available at the conference web site.

Conference is divided in the following sessions:
  • Innovation | Digital world for real cities
  • Technology | “Printed” buildings for sustainable habitats
  • Environment | Technological innovation for low tech environments
  • Climate | Effective solutions for resilient urban habitats
  • Health | Environments for healthy living