2021 June - University of Zenica | HURBE Laboratory and internships updates

On 9 June 2021, UNIROMA1, AF ZG, and UNZE organised a blended meeting session to evaluate the final updates of the new facilities installed at the University of Zenica.

UNZE is monitoring the students" and staff members" use of the equipment through attendance lists that are available for the students according to the university and faculty regulations. They also prepared video tutorials of the selected devices.
Samir Lemes, the local coordinator, in collaboration with his team is following the internship plan progress and the teaching assistant Nerja Turcinovic is supporting the students" activities. The stakeholders already started participating in the internships. The organizational unit of the University of Zenica participated in the activity for monitoring air quality and the students will also go to two local development agency laboratories for testing furniture and children"s playgrounds. The Bosnian students are proceeding with their diplomas in collaboration with that agency. The second laboratory is useful for the evaluation of doors and windows in terms of energy efficiency and insulation characteristics. The laboratories will participate in the HURBE Network Agreement after it is signed by all the project partner laboratories. Upon the conclusion of the meeting with UNZE, UNIROMA1 and AF ZG discussed the level of completeness of the WP3 deliverables and proposed to add a space in the next project meeting to showcase the results of the internships of the students and present the submitted deliverables that were not yet completed in this meeting.