2021 May - Course performance monitoring visit

On 28 May 2021, the team of UNIROMA1 had a (virtual) meeting and participated in some of the redacted activities of the course "Architecture and Health 2" at the University of Sarajevo.

Francesca Giofrè and Mohamed El Edeisy from UNIROMA1 had a meeting with Senaida Halilovic from the University of Sarajevo. The meeting focused on the programme, the didactic activities and the involvement of stakeholders from the public sector.

This meeting was followed by UNIROMA1"s members" participation in a seminar that is organised in collaboration with external stakeholders from the Bosnian public sector and ministries, where the public administration representative shared open a discussion with the students participating in the ""Architecture and Health 2"" course and in the project internships. UNIROMA1"s team was able to see some of the equipment - funded by the Erasmus+ programme, they followed the discussion and they are following up with the University of Sarajevo"s to reach the course specific objectives. The monitoring and quality control visits are a fundamental part of the quality plan to support the Bosnian Institutions and enhance capacity building.