2021 May - UNSA, Faculty of architecture, HURBE Laboratory

Recently opened HURBE Laboratory at the University of Sarajevo continues its work. On May 7th 2021, regular exercises were held.

Students who elected course “Arhitektura i zdravlje 2” started using particular equipment that has been presented to them, in accordance to exercise plan. Today, we discussed about noise, light level, temperature and relative humidity measurements. All measurement are taking place in different areas of Sarajevo.

A group of students who expressed their interest for the internship to be conducted in the Laboratory, were also present today. They were introduced to Laboratory rules and the equipment possibilities and they started their practical work.

We are glad that UNSA, FoA, under the ERASMUS+ “HURBE” project, obtained the laboratory equipment that will enhance the competences of our students by working at the “Healthy Urban Environment – HURBE” Laboratory.