2021 April - HURBE Laboratory in Sarajevo opened

The third HURBE Laboratory in Bosnia and Herzegovina was opened today at the University of Sarajevo

Opening of the HURBE Laboratory at Architectural Faculty UNSA was held today, on April 30th 2021. Due to COVID pandemic precautions, limited number of people was allowed to attend, so ‘Arhitektura i Zdravlje 2′ (HURBE course) students were invited along with academic staff involved in HURBE project.

Equipment and options available for internship and scientific research were briefly presented to students and others interested in this reasearch field. Public announcement was made for Internship call, along with internship plan explaining activities in newly-opened laboratory.

Students and academic staff expressed their appreciation and content with new features and helping tool available for academic reasearch and students’ work.

Internship plan is available for download (attached to this announcement), and all students interested in attending planned activities in HURBE Laboratory should apply until Wednesday, May 5th 2021. All additional information is available at: senaida.halilovic@af.unsa.ba and dzenis.avdic@af.unsa.ba.