2021 February - Conference patronage

The upcoming conference "Making healthy cities for people: HURBE 2021" is supported by different organizations

We are proud to announce that our conference "Making healthy cities for people. Education, research, practice in planning, architecture and engineering. HURBE2021" will be organized under the patronage of these organizations:
  1. Italian Society of Architectural Technology (SITdA)
  2. Istituto Nazionale Di Urbanistica (INU)
  3. Union of Bulgarian Spatial Planners - Съюз на урбанистите в България (UBSP)

The conference will be supported also by the associate project partners:
  1. Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education - Bosnia and Herzegovina (CIP)
  2. European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE)
  3. Federal Ministry of Education and Science - Bosnia and Herzegovina (FMON)
  4. Federal Ministry of Health - Bosnia and Herzegovina (FMOH)
  5. Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED)