2021 March - The Mediterranean Universities Union: boosting collaboration through the conference, courses, and laboratory activities

We have organized a meeting with the Mediterranean Universities Union UNIMED, an associate project partner, on 19.3.2021 to discuss their involvement in project activities.

Apart from partner universities, the HURBE project has also some associate partners, whose role in the project is different. On of them, the Mediterranean Universities Union UNIMED will participate actively in the HURBE Conference. They will promote the conference call to their members, although the geographical area of UNIMED members and conference coverage overlap only slightly. During the conference, UNIMED will have a slot to make a presentation of their network. There will be a dedicated online pace (e.g. Coffee corner with UNIMED), where interested stakeholders will have the chance to interface closely with UNIMED"s team, and discuss potential fields of collaborations.

UNIMED will open a call for visiting (online) lecturers interested in delivering a lecture/seminar, within a defined list of topics, in the Healthy Urban Environment course organized in the Bosnian HEIs.

UNIMED will assess potential stakeholders - from academia, NGOs, etc. - interested in adhering to the HURBE laboratory network and share with them the initiative for the development of collaboration agreements and/or letter intents based on mutual interests.