2020 November - Mid-term meeting (online)

Another 3-day meeting was organized from 11-13 November 2020. Project partners discussed the project’s progress, evaluating the impact of activities, and resolving the problems.

Each workpackage (WP) leader presented WP report, underlining the delivered outputs in terms of quality, timeline, and performance of the WP in comparison with the initial project proposal, along with modifications, corrective measures and/or upgrades. The afternoon of the first day was dedicated to financial aspects, reporting and documenting the costs.The second day was spent to discuss and fine-tune the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) which will be one of the main project outcomes. The WP leader presented a report with the following aspects: identifying the submitted and confirmed modules, MOOC updated structure, evaluation and feedback, text and content overview, recommendations and next steps. The project partners also presented their course development. The presentations included the full details of the new courses including updated syllabus, course reports, number of students and teaching staff, course documentation, and how laboratories will be used for the courses.
The final day of the meeting was used to discuss the conference "HURBE 2021 - Making healthy cities for people. Education, research, practice in planning, architecture and engineering". The conference is planned for 4-5 October 2021, at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Sarajevo.
An open discussion evaluated the preparation and management of workflow for the MOOC book (for the students) and the conference proceedings. The online platform that will be used for the conference was also presented, elaborating on the options and management methods.

The meeting was concluded with the conclusions and results reached during the meeting, underlining EACEA’s feedback and recommendations for the successful execution of the project tasks.