2019 September I Project Meeting - Zagreb, Croatia

Project Meeting took place in University of Zagreb on 05.09.2019 - 07.09.2019. The meeting was successful, it reached its results and now it is time to proceed with the next steps. During the next phase Consortium will work on the Course and MOOC preparation. The courses division of ECTS and dates have been defined. The next phase will include the collection of best practices, course documents; the full preparation of the course's syllabus by each Bosnian HEI; and the full design and registration of the MOOC (and the subcontracting process by Sapienza). The laboratories tendering procedure and set-up is a fundamental aspect. The official approval of the course, the MOOC and the laboratories is a crucial aspect.The dissemination of the website and the social channels and the activation of their use to promote the project results is necessary.