Analysis and introduction

HURBE is a National joint project that aims, over 3 years (2018-2021), to develop the curricula in Higher Education Institutions in the field of Healthy URBan Environment in the Faculties of Architecture and Construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The project involves 6 Universities and 5 Associate partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and BiH and it works on the modernisation of curriculum by developing new and innovative courses and installing new facilities. The motivation behind the project is the criticality of the topic on an international, European and national scale.

The target groups are HEI staff members that work on the preparation of future architects and engineers. The project builds a Consortium, which sets up a complete teaching Programme - creates academic courses and MOOC modules - for students, teachers and trainers, and installs laboratories that ensure a real sustainability after the project lifetime. This improves the teaching skills and integrates the healthy urban environment topic, through a project that puts the credit  transfer - reform degree programmes - into practice and turns the European Higher Education Area into reality on the ground. It corresponds to the Zagreb Declaration for Healthy Cities to develop Healthy urban environment and design requirements on a national scale.

Specific Objectives

- Analysis and introduction of credit transfer in Architecture and Civil Engineering Faculties in Bosnia Herzegovina.

- Increase cooperation and exchange between academic staff, students and policymakers in Bosnia Herzegovina and Europe.

- Integrate innovative educational approaches by focusing on decisive content in the disciplinary sectors of Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Technology of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

- Develop new courses in the field of Healthy Urban Environment and install laboratories to enhance relevance with labour market and society.

Work Packages

WP1. Startup: needs on degree programmes and credit transfer (Lead Partner: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture)

WP2. Training of Trainers on Healthy Urban Environment (Lead Partner: University of Sarajevo)

WP3. Permanent laboratories (Lead Partner: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture)

WP4. Educational modules on Healthy Urban Environment (Lead Partner: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Bulgaria)

WP5. Quality Assurance, monitoring service and Sustainability (Lead Partner: Sapienza University of Rome)

WP6. Dissemination and exploitation (Lead Partner: Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar)

WP7. Management of project activities (Lead Partner: Sapienza University of Rome)


- Academic curricula comparison and elaboration of comparative charts of contents for the different Architecture and Civil engineering teaching methods.
- Seminars for academic curricula comparison, credit transfer and degree programmes.
- Seminars for trainers on the topic of Healthy Urban Environment. 
- Educational MOOC module and an elective course on Healthy Urban Environment.
- Internships in the installed laboratories of HURBE for the development of new services to stakeholders and society.
- Dynamic website and social network that are constantly updated to disseminate the project methodology and results.
- Share the project results in open source to spread the educational MOOC and the results of the classroom course on the online platform of HURBE.
- International Conference to share best practices, projects and experiences and disseminate the final results of the project.