2021 June - Preparation for next consortium meeting

The next consortium meeting is planned for 12.07.2021 for three days in Sofia.

Today, there has been an (online) meeting to discuss the agenda of the next project management meeting for all the consortium members. The coordination team from UNIROMA1 met with the members of UACEG and defined the activity and work packages that need to be addressed in that project phase. The meeting is planned for 12.07.2021 for three days in Sofia. The participants will confirm their attendance only one week before, taking into consideration all the covid-19 situation development. The team from the University of Architecture, Civil Eng. and Geodesy is preparing all the logistics and meeting local management aspects in their institution in Sofia.

The partners also discussed the monitoring visits of the new courses and the differences between HURBE I and HURBE II in each Bosnian university. They discussed the possibilities of publishing a book dedicated to the healthy city topics discussed in the Massive Open Online Course. This will support the dissemination of the activity and provide a reference for the future students and practitioners that participate in the course.