2021 June - Course performance monitoring visit by UNIROMA1

On 14 June 2021, the team of UNIROMA1 had a (virtual) meeting for the evaluation and monitoring of the course "Architecture and Health 2" at the "Džemal Bijedić" University of Mostar.

Francesca Giofrè and Mohamed El Edeisy from Sapienza University of Rome had a meeting with Maja Popovac from the "Džemal Bijedić" University of Mostar. Due to technical problems with the link shared by UNMO, the evaluators have not been able to attend the students" seminars and presentations. The evaluators, however, discussed all the course aspects and filled a complete evaluation form - based on the person responsible for the course"s feedback.
The meeting focused on the evaluation of setting up, starting, and operation of the course; structure of the course; training of the partner HEIs staff; the laboratory equipment use in the course; and the Future sustainability plans for the courses
The course was evaluated as highly sustainable. The most important future considerations to enhance sustainability are the quality of lectures and the increase of dissemination.
The course is a part of the official curriculum, which is updated every 4 years. This means that the course will continue to be present and sustained for the next four years, and it can be reconfirmed. The person responsible for the course confirms their interest in teaching the course and according to her impression and the feedback received by the students, the students are much interested in the course. Especially that the students appreciate the course’s link between theoretical content and practical (laboratory) activity.