2019 December - Public promotion of the book fro HURBE course, Zenica

The promotion of the Monograph “Juraj Neidhardt: Architect, Urban Planner, Theorist, Educator, Publicist” by Ibrahim Krzovic and Tomislav Premerl, published by the BiH Academy of Sciences and Arts, was held in the amphitheater of the Polytechnic Faculty.
The promoters of the monograph were:
- Prof.dr. Ibrahim Krzović
- Amir Vuk Zec,
- Ass.prof.dr. Vedad Islambegović.
They revived the great memories of this great professor, who left a deep mark in the very architecture of Zenica.

Juraj Neidhardt (1901-1979) was a member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of BiH, an architect and urban planner, a synthetist of traditional elements and contemporary achievements of civil engineering and architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He designed workers' homes, whose dispositions, equipment, and environment he expected to establish a whole-generation housing culture according to the slogan that people build houses - and houses build people. He was the author of the first General Urban Plan in the history of Zenica in 1955.

Students will be able to use the monograph as literature within the new subject "Healthy Urban Environment", which will be in the curriculum as an elective course in the Civil Engineering Department from 2020/2021 academic year.